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Gien Rocaille 4-piece Placesetting


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Rocaille placesetting. 

In White.  Gien's newest solid harkens back to the Art Deco period of Paris.  Gentle swirls and purest creamy white glaze sets off your presentation beautifully.


The Faiencerie de Gien was founded in 1821 by an Englishman from Stoke-on-Trent named Thomas Hall. Mr. Hall wanted to introduce fine English earthenware to the French, also known as "faience" in France. Almost 200 years later, Gien is an integral part of France's cultural heritage, praised by many around the world.

Ove the 19th century, the company became well-known as the supplier of custom dinner services for many aristocratic families around Europe. Gien has supplied over 2500 families with plates adorned with family crests or monograms. These families continue to order customized services for their descendants and are joined by many others now that custom dinnerware is back in fashion.

Since its very beginnings, Gien has perfected the art of manufacturing faience. Although the company has developed modern techniques to keep with the times, it continues to honor the most traditional practices including paper printing and hand painting.

At the same time, Gien continuously creates and adds new designs to its collection, constantly collaborating with artists. Over 50.000 molds can be found at the factory. Today, four new tabletop and gift collections are released every year.

All the faience products are 100% made in Gien, France, a small town on the banks of the Loire River. The company is a member of the prestigious Comite Colbert, a consortium of the most recognized French luxury names.

Care Instructions

Care and Usage of French Gien faience. When purchasing a dinner service or gift items from Gien, you also receive part of a 180-year old tradition as well as the best faience earthenware quality available.
Most Gien France patterns are dishwasher safe, except all hand painted prestige patterns which are made in a different manufacturing process.Patterns decorated with gold or Platinum are not dishwasher safe. Your Gien Faience earthenware deserves the best care you can give. Although many patterns are advertised as dishwasher safe, hand washing is always the safest way to wash your dishes. Hand washing is a good precaution against scratching, chipping, abrading, cracking, and the frequent wear and tear of a dishwasher.Suggestions for Hand Washing • Use a plastic basin as a cushion against a hard metal sink
• Don't overload the basin or sink.
• Use a mild liquid detergent, and avoid abrasive cleaners.
• Don't let you china sit in the sink or basin for a long period of time

Suggestions for Dishwasher Use
• Wash or rinse by hand promptly after use.
• Load the dishwasher so that no two pieces touch
- this will help prevent chipping or cracking.
• Never let your china run through a high heat drying cycle.
• Always use the gentlest cycle with a small amount of high-quality detergent. Give preference to "eco" or low temperature programs to avoid thermal shock.
• Avoid detergents with lemon or other acidic agents.
• Allow the dishes to cool to room temperature before unloading the dishwasher.
• Do NOT use the dishwasher for hand painted Gien Prestige Patterns and nor for patterns decorated with Gold or Platinum.

Additional Suggestions
• Avoid placing your Gien china in contact with a direct flame, and do not subject it to extreme temperature changes. Cracks in the glazing may result, allowing water
to penetrate.
• Do not let your service soak in water for extended periods.
• Wash your service soon after exposure to acidic foods such as fruit juices, vinegar, etc.
• Never use harsh heavy duty detergents, steel wool or scouring powders.>Microwave Oven and Conventional Ovens

The Faienceries de Gien Company states on their official website:

Can Gien Faience earthenware pieces be used in the Microwave oven?>One must avoid placing Gien Faience Earthenware in microwave ovens; their action mechanically wears out the glazing which more or less ends up cracking. This is not a disadvantage, but attention and care must be provided to this ceramic material (earthenware), so that it preserves its prettiest effects for as long as possibleYou may use your earthenware pieces in the microwave oven for low reheating, but never for cooking or defreezing.

The Faienceries de Gien offers a range of culinary dishes matching many of their patterns.These are made of a different material and are adapted for the use of traditional ovens (up to a max of 250 degrees Centigrade) and microwave ovens

Can Faience Earthenware pieces be used in a conventional oven? The use of conventional ovens can cause thermal shock and damage the glaze of the earthenware pieces in an irreversible manner. Please use oven-proof Gien Bakeware only.

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